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What's up world! My name is Eshia Rae, CEO and Founder of Connect the Culture, LLC.


I am a Marshall, Texas native who currently resides in the outskirts of Dallas, and have always had an indescribable love for people, promotion, and entertainment .


I've owned a self taught Promotion & Marketing business since the age of 15,  as some of you may recall Eshia Rae Promotions and Rae's Up Entertainment.

I also founded my first organization "Rae's Up Raises Hope Children Foundation" at the age of 20 years old.


In 2017, I was at a point in my  life where I wanted to take my business to the next level.


Due to the lack of support in Black Communities and just wanting to see my people be successful, I decided to focus on unity and exposure for Black Owned Businesses. 


I call this journey Connect the Culture.


I hope you guys enjoy the experience. Welcome to the village!


Our mission is to unify and expose Black Owned Business, both locally and abroad.

The objective is not to take away from any other ethnic group; but instead, promote growth and the ability to evolve within our own.


Develop, maintain, and create business and customer relationships in a environment that values unity and integrity.

Offer services that are structured to benefit both our clients and potential customers.

Present and expose a variety of businesses that offer services from different industry types.

Create unique and custom visuals for our clients that will enhance public attention and website drive.

Implement innovative strategies by analyzing, marketing, and advertising black owned businesses on all desired platforms while focusing 100% on our client's long-term goals. 

What Makes Us Different 

We differentiate ourselves through our commitment in building a rapport with our clients that allow us to become more like family, rather than the typical client and customer relationship.

Our focus is to prioritize quality customer service and ensure that our business partners do so as well.

Our team will visit local businesses on-site and create visuals that allow business owners to demonstrate and educate the community on why they should support their business.

It's our duty to connect our clients with likeminded individuals and create an environment that embraces uniqueness and creativity.

We are extremely attentive to detail in all business aspects.

The objective is not to take away from any other ethnic group; but instead, grow and evolve within our own community first.

It Starts With You

One of our biggest challenges in the black community is support and financial resources.

We ask that if you support this movement to SUBSCRIBE and SHARE the content we release pertaining to our local Black Owned Businesses.

Connect the Culture can be viewed as the Uber of Black Owned Businesses and we're about to take our clients to the next level. Together we stand! .

Eshia Rae,

Founder and CEO

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